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Pet Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Home

If there is anyone who’s seen pet damage that looks irreparable, it’s us. At Don’s Carpet Cleaning, we’ve seen it all, from strong odors to deep stains. With years of experience, we confidently offer pet carpet cleaning services including carpet cleaning for pet stains, carpet urine removal, and other carpet stain removal services. Have stains or damage on your furniture due to pets? We also offer furniture and upholstery cleaning services to tackle it all.

Having a pet shouldn’t include sacrificing carpets or furniture.

Did you know pet stains and damage to carpets or furniture is considered a biohazard because urine never dries? For this reason, stains may reappear if you have your carpet cleaned topically with a home system, with a dry-cleaning system, or with most other steam cleaners – except ours! Similar to our other carpet cleaning services, our carpet cleaning experts use an advanced steam cleaning method for pet odors and stains so they’re gone for good. Have allergies? Steam cleaning is also one of the only ways to remove all allergens, including dust mites and pet dander, from deep within your carpets or furniture. Not to mention, steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by manufacturers. 

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