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Having a pet shouldn’t include sacrificing your carpets and furniture.
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If there is anyone who’s seen pet damage that looks irreparable, we at Don’s Carpet Cleaning sure have. We’ve seen it all, from odors to deep stains.

Pet damage is considered a biohazard because urine NEVER dries. For this reason, your stains may reappear if you have your carpet cleaned topically, with a home system, a dry-cleaning system, and most other steam cleaners – except ours! Any company that says in their ad that carpets dry in one to two hours is considered a dry-cleaning system and is not ever recommended by carpet manufacturers. We treat your carpet with enzymes and use a superior method of cleaning to clear your pet-damaged area down through the carpet to the pad and the sub floor. This is also the only form of cleaning that kills <a style=”color: #ffffff;” href=””>dust mites</a> and pet dander, which is what people are allergic to. This is the most innovative form for pet treatment on the market today. We are one of the only companies in the area to offer this service and are known for the miracles that happen as a result. The only other way to treat pet damage is to seal the floor and replace the padding and the carpet.

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